Wear Care & Repair

How Should I Care For My Jeans?

The first rule in caring for your raw jeans is that there are no rules. The whole fun of raw denim is that you, the end consumer, have the power to do whatever you want! There is no right and wrong, simply different choices and preferences.

Personally, we like to beat the crap out of our jeans so that they will fade beautifully and take our form. If this is your intention as well, then we recommend you wear your jeans as much as possible, for as long as possible before washing them for the first time. How long should you wait before wash?… It could be 6 months, 9 months, a year… it all depends on how hard you wear ‘em and how dirty a guy you are. Once you are happy with how the jeans are fading (or when you think the jeans are just too stinky) then go ahead and wash them inside-out in cold water and hang to dry.

Of course, if this above idea is not for you, or if you just like simple and clean selvedge denim, then feel free to wash your jeans as often as you like, even before you wear them for the very first time. The result will be a softer (and cleaner) solid pair of jeans.


Maintenance & Repair


​Jeans are not indestructible, no other garment is worn as frequently or as hard as a pair of raw denim jeans.  The longer you wear your jeans between washing, sweat, oil and dirt build weakening the cotton fibers and holes can form.  So from time to time it’s important to do some regular maintenance, not only will it prolong the life of your jeans, it also adds great deal of character.  Patch up any small holes that form using a small piece of denim, patch the jeans from the inside for a cleaner look, patch the jeans from the outside for a more vintage look or try using a contrasting patterned fabric to add personality.